About CVDI


Vision Statement

The Center for Visual and Decision Informatics strives to become a world leader for creating a win-win partnership between industry and academia in the big data space. UL Lafayette, Drexel University, SBU, UVA, UNCC, and TAU along with other future academic partners, will cooperate with the objective to accelerate research, innovation, technology transfer, and student training in the big data space. The purpose of this concerted effort is to continue the ongoing efforts and make CVDI the most sought after research and development consortium for next-generation visual analysis and decision support tools and techniques.

Mission Statement

The core mission of CVDI in Phase II is to (1) conduct multi-disciplinary, cross-institutional pre-competitive research and develop the next-generation technologies in data science, big data, analytics, including visual analytics, augmented intelligence, and decision informatics, (2) address data science and big data challenges facing industry and government and provide practical solutions in a broad range of market sectors, (3) work collaboratively with industry and government partners to unleash the transformative potential and associated opportunities of big data and data science for the benefit of society, (4) produce highly-trained students with practical hands-on skills in data science and big data, and (5) inform policy makers, government, and industry about the significance of data science and big data.

Phase 2 – Goals

1. Become a world leader in big data and data science by creating exceptional core competencies across multiple areas.

2. Create a network of diverse and complementary research sites, both in the US and abroad, that deliver extensive technical expertise to industrial partners and the research community.

3. Accelerate the creation and transfer of technology to industry and commercial products.

4. Attract high quality student talent, and produce future workforce that has the potential to benefit local, national and global economy.

Data Science and Big Data Initiatives

The centers research program focuses on synergy and complementary data science and big data research initiatives in the areas of data acquisition and management, analytics, visualization & human interaction, applications to drive innovation in visual and decision informatics.

The research topics within the analytics domain include visual analytics, predictive analytics, augmented intelligence, data summarization, deep learning, complex systems analysis, evolutionary optimization, agent-based models and simulation, privacy-preserving learning, and meta-learning.

New visualization and human computer interaction topics include interactive visualization, human computer interaction modeling, cognitive assistance, and immersive analytics.

Topics in data management include big data platforms, knowledge organization, data fusion and integration, parallel processing of massively large datasets, and green computing.

What is the National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) Program?

CVDI is a multi-university, industry-sponsored research nsf-officialcenter established as a NSF IUCRC in February 2012 supported by the NSF’s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering. The program is an established and proven model for companies to acquire external technologies through open innovation by partnering with universities. An IUCRC is supported through membership fees from the Industry, grant money from NSF and commitments of participating universities. To industry, government and other organizations with research needs, the NSF IUCRC program provides the means to leverage research and development (R&D) investments with multi-university centers renowned for innovative research capabilities.

The  program’s cooperative model enables the creation of an industry-relevant, pre-competitive research portfolio, via the formation of multi-member, sustained partnerships between industry, academe, and government.

NSF supports the development and evolution of  an IUCRC by providing a financial and procedural framework for membership and operations, in addition to best practices learned over decades of fostering public/private partnerships that provide significant value to the nation, industry, university faculty and students. There are roughly 75 IUCRCs operating in United States (US) with over 200 university sites across the nation and a handful of international sites in Europe, and Asia. CVDI is one the few IUCRCs that has an international presence. This international expansion of the IUCRC program offers unique opportunity to ensure US competitiveness in a global economy and allow the development of the next generation workforce that is global in nature and has perspective on socio-economic issues that transcends cultural boundaries. There are more than 2000 students engaged at IUCRCs on a yearly basis. Each year about 1000 students graduate through these IUCRC sites and approximately 30% of these students are hired by the IAB member companies. These numbers demonstrate the strong role that IUCRCs plays in building our nation’s workforce.