Carolina Cruz-Neira, Ph.D.

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Ph.D. - Computer Science/Virtual Reality
University of Illinois at Chicago
(1991 - 1995)


Carolina Cruz-Neira is a pioneer in the area of virtual reality and interactive visualization, having created and deployed a variety of technologies that have become standard tools in industry, government and academia. She is world-known by being the creator of the CAVE virtual reality system, which was her PhD work. Her work with advanced technologies is driven by simplicity, applicability, and providing value to a wide range of disciplines and business. This drive makes her work highly multi-disciplinary and collaborative, having received multi-million dollar awards from the National Science Foundation, the Army Research Lab, the Department of Energy, Deere and Company, and others. She has dedicated a part of her career to transfer research results in virtual reality into daily use in industry and other research teams and to lead entrepreneurial initiatives to commercialize mature results. She is also recognized by having founded and led very successful virtual reality research centers, like the Virtual Reality Applications Center at Iowa State University, the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise and now the Emerging Analytics Center. She serves on many international technology boards, government technology advisory committees, and outside the lab, she enjoys extrapolating her technology research with the arts and humanities through forward-looking public performances and installations. She has been named by BusinessWeek magazine as a “rising research star” in the next generation of computer science pioneers, has been inducted as a ACM Computer Pioneer, received the IEEE Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award and the Distinguished Career Award from the International Digital Media & Arts Society among other national and international recognitions.

Note: Dr. Cruz-Neira completed work as a PI on CVDI projects during her time in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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