Dirk Reiners, Ph.D.

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PhD - Computer Science
Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
(1991 - 2003)

MS - Computer Science
Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
(1991 - 1994)

BS - Computer Science
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
(1989 - 1991)


Note: Dirk completed work on CVDI projects during his time at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Dr. Dirk Reiners has been at the heart of immersive visualization and Virtual Reality (VR) for more than 20 years. He has a MS and PHD in Computer Graphics from the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany, and worked at the Fraunhofer Institute of Computer Graphics, the largest Computer Graphics research institute in the world, for more than 20 years on different topics in interactive graphics and VR. He was instrumental in pioneering VR deployment for many of the German car manufacturers. His primary research interests are in interactive 3D graphics, immersive and high-resolution display systems and the software fundamentals needed to do all of this effectively and efficiently. He has been an active member of the virtual reality community and has been the Chair for Demos, Videos, Exhibits and the Program Chair at IEEE Virtual Reality and other conferences.

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