Emad Habib, Ph.D., PE

Contact Information


Ph.D. - Civil & Environmental Engineering (Hydrology and Water Resources)
The University of Iowa, USA, (2001)

M.S. - Civil Engineering (Irrigation and Hydraulics)
Ain Shams University, Egypt (1996)

M.S. - Irrigation Engineering, Mediterranean
Institute of Bari and Water Engineering Department, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy (1992)

B.S. - Civil Engineering
Cairo University, Egypt (1987)


Awards & Honors

2011 – Best Paper Award, Environmental Water Resources Institute-American Society of Civil Engineering (EWRI-ASCE) Journal of Hydrologic Engineering.

2011 – Researcher of the Year, College of Engineering, University of Louisiana

2010 – Engineering Faculty Professionalism Award; Louisiana Engineering Foundation

2009 – The ASCE-EWRI Watershed Council Excellence Award for the Task Committee on the Use and Application of Radar Rainfall Data

2009 – Endowed Professorship – Water Studies Professorship 2007 Outstanding Advisor Award, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, April, 2007.

2005 – Team Achievement certificate presented by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the State of Louisiana in recognition of contributions associated with completion of the Louisiana Coastal Area (LCA), Louisiana Ecosystem Restoration Study.

2005 – Endowed Professorship – Matthew G. Stuller/BORSF Professorship in Engineering

2000 – Winner of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Hydrology Section’s Outstanding Student Paper Award during the Spring AGU Spring 2000 meeting, Washington D.C.


Habib, E., Lee G., Kim D., and Ciach G.(2010): Rainfall Measurement and Estimation: Ground-Based Direct Measurement, A book chapter in Rainfall: State of the Science, Firat Y. Testik and Mekonnen Gebremichael (Eds.), American Geophysical Union, Geophysical

Monograph Series, Volume 191, 2010,. 288 pages

T. Rientjes, Haile A. T., Gieske, A., B.H.P. Maathuis, and E. Habib: Satellite Based Cloud Detection and Rainfall Estimation in the Upper Blue Nile Basin, A book chapter in Nile River Basin: Hydrology, Climate and Water Use, Assefa M. Melesse (Editor), Springer, 2011 – Nature – 480 pages.

Habib, E and Qin L. (2011): Application of a Radar-Rainfall Uncertainty Model to the US NWS Multi-sensor Precipitation Estimator Products. Submitted to Journal of Meteorological Applications (accepted)

T. H. M. Rientjes, A. T. Haile, C. M. M. Mannaerts, E. Kebede, and E. Habib (2011): Changes in land cover and stream flows in Gilgel Abbay catchment, Upper Blue Nile basin – Ethiopia, Journal of Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 15, 1979–1989, 2011 doi:10.5194/hess-15-1979-2011.

Haile A. T., T. Rientjes, E. Habib, and V. Jetten (2011): Rain event properties and dimensionless rain event hyetographs at the source of the Blue Nile River. Journal of Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 15, 1023–1034, 2011, doi:10.5194/hess-15-1023- 2011.

AghaKouchak A., Habib E., Bardossy A., 2010, A Comparison of Three Remotely Sensed Rainfall Ensemble Generators, Atmospheric Research, 98(2-4), 387–399, doi: 10.1016/j.atmosres.2010.07.016.

AghaKouchak A., Habib E., Bardossy A., 2010, Modeling Radar Rainfall Estimation Uncertainties: Random Error Model, Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 15(4), 265-274, doi:10.1061/(ASCE)HE.1943-5584.0000185.