Erez Zadok, Ph.D.

Contact Information


Ph.D., Computer Science
Columbia University, New York, NY (2001)

M.Phil., Computer Science
Columbia, New York, NY (1997)

M.S., Computer Science
Columbia University, New York, NY (1994)

B.S., Computer Science
Columbia University, New York, NY (1991)

Certified Technician, Electrical Engineering
Holtz College, Israel (1982)


Erez Zadok’s research focuses on operating systems, with a specialty in file systems, storage, and security.  He studies operating systems and file systems from many aspects: security, efficiency, energy use, scalability, reliability, portability, survivability, usability, ease-of-use, versatility, flexibility, and more.  Special attention is given to balancing five often-conflicting aspects of computer systems: performance, reliability, energy use, security, and ease-of-use.  Since joining the faculty of Stony Brook in 2001, Zadok and his group in the Filesystems and Storage Lab (FSL) developed many file systems and operating system extensions; examples include a highly-secure cryptographic file system, a portable versioning file system, a tracing file system useful to detect intrusions, a replaying file system useful for forensics, a snapshotting and sandboxing file system, a namespace unification file system, an anti-virus file system, an integrity-checking file system, a compiler to convert user-level C code to in-kernel efficient yet safe code, stackable file system templates, and more.  Zadok’s research has been supported by several NSF grants including an NSF CAREER award, two IBM Faculty awards, two NetApp awards, and several equipment gifts.  Zadok is the winner of the 2004 Computer Science Department bi-annual Graduate Teaching Award, the winner of the 2006 Computer Science Department bi-annual Research Excellence Award, and a recipient of the 2008 SUNY Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching award.  Zadok’s lab exposes students to internals of over a dozen different operating systems.  Zadok co-chaired several conferences and is on the steering committee of some (e.g., ACM SYSTOR, USENIX FAST), as well as on the editorial board of ACM TOS.  Zadok is the author of “Linux NFS and Automounter Administration” (Sybex, 2001).  Zadok’s published several dozen conference and journal articles in the past few years—in IEEE, ACM, and Usenix venues; three papers won awards.  Zadok is named inventor on four U.S. patents.

Zadok is now the Graduate Academic Adviser at Stony Brook’s CS department.



E. Zadok. Linux NFS and Automounter Administration. Sybex, Inc., May 2001.

Journal and Magazine Articles

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