Jane Greenberg, Ph.D.

Contact Information


PhD - Department of Library and Information Science
School of Information Sciences
University of Pittsburgh

MS (specialization in bibliographic control)
Columbia University’s School of Library Service

BA (double major in political science and art history)
University of Rochester


Dr. Greenberg’s research and teaching interests center on metadata, ontological engineering, and data science, with a foundation in knowledge organization and information retrieval. She currently serves as director of CCI’s Metadata Research Center, which advances research in metadata, semantics, and ontologies. Dr. Greenberg is also a senior scientist at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) in Durham North Carolina, and a 2014 Data Fellow at the National Consortium for Data Science, where she is leading a project targeting fundamental aspects of metadata capital. She also holds a post as a senior associate researcher in Knowledge Organization in the School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She is the project investigator (PI) on the Helping Interdisciplinary Vocabulary Engineering (HIVE) initiative, which dynamically integrates linked data terminologies and supports automatic indexing; and she is a co-PI of the Dryad repository for data underlying scientific published research.


  • White, H., Willis, C., and Greenberg, J. (in press). HIVEing: The Effect of a Semantic Web Technology on Inter-Indexer Consistency. Journal of Documentation, 70(3). [Preprint accessible via J. of Doc. site]
  • Greenberg, J. (in press). Metadata Capital via a Data HIVE. In Campbell, G. (Ed.). Advances in Classification Research. Paper originally delivered at ASIST, SIG/CR 2013 Proceedings, Montreal, Canada, November 3, 2013
  • Ball, A., Greenberg, J., Perez, C., Chen, C., Jeffery, K., and Koskela, R. (in press). Building a Disciplinary Metadata Standards Directory. 9th International Digital Curation Conference. San Francisco, CA, February 24-27, 2014
  • Greenberg, J., Swauger, S., Feinstein, E. M. (2013). Metadata Capital in a Data Repository. Proceedings of the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications 2013: 140-150: http://dcpapers.dublincore.org/pubs/article/view/3678/1901. (Data from: Metadata capital in a data repository published in the Dryad Digital Repository. [DOI: http://datadryad.org/resource/doi:10.5061/dryad.8c1p6])
  • Conway, M. C., Greenberg J., Moore, R., Whitton, M., & Zhang, L. (2013). Advancing the DFC Semantic Technology Platform via HIVE Innovation. MTSR Proceedings, Thessaloniki, Greece, Nov. 19-22, 2013.