Mark Zarella, Ph.D.

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Postdoctoral Fellowship - Neurobiology
University of Rochester

PhD - Neuroscience - SUNY
Upstate Medical University

BS - Physics
University of Massachusetts


Dr. Zarella is a Research Assistant Professor in the Advanced Pathology Imaging Laboratory at Drexel University College of Medicine. He earned his Ph.D. at SUNY Upstate Medical University where he studied the visual system in the macaque monkey, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Rochester. This work spanned neurophysiological, neuroimaging, and computational techniques to elucidate the neuronal underpinnings of visual function and decision-making. He uses these insights to develop computer vision algorithms and imaging solutions for pathology diagnostics. Dr. Zarella’s research interests include biologically-inspired image processing and machine learning towards tumor characterization and prediction; perceptual analysis of histopathology image interpretation; in vivo microscopy as a diagnostic modality; and whole-slide imaging.


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