Mirsad Hadzikadic, Ph.D.

Contact Information


MPA - Government
Harvard University (2009)

Ph.D. - Computer Science
Southern Methodist University (1987)

MS - Computer Science
University of Banja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina (1981)

BS - Computer Science
University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (1977)


My leadership efforts can be described in the context of teaching, research and service. In teaching, I initiated the review and update of all College degree programs and educational offerings, co-developed a new course on eScience, proposed and led the development of the Financial Services Informatics program, introduced the Complex Advanced Systems sequence atthe graduate level, introduced the Medical Informatics course at the graduate level, co-developed anew track in Information Systems for the BA program, introduced new graduate courses in Network Science and Systems Dynamics, and participated in the development of the new Professional Science Masters degree programs in Health Informatics and Data Science and Business Analytics.
am currently serving as the Founding Executive Director for the University-wide Data Science Initiative.In research, I spearheaded efforts in defining the research agenda in both the fundamental properties and applications of Complex Adaptive Systems; promoting interdisciplinary research on campus through Cognitive Science Academy and Complex Systems Institute; promoting and enabling research activities in the College by helping the faculty focus on a few larger research efforts; arranging for the Bank of America endowed chair in Information Systems to be moved from the College of Business to the College of Computing and Informatics; hiring Bill Ribarsky from Georgia Tech as the Bank of America Distinguished Professor, which in turn led to the establishment of the Charlotte Visualization Center and UNC Charlotte’s leadership role in visualization and visual analytics; providing the then Chancellor Woodward with the idea, the rationale, and the justification for the new program in Bioinformatics, which resulted in a proposal to the State legislature for the funding of the $35M Bioinformatics building; promoting the importance of diversity in the College and suggesting the establishment of the Diversity in Information Technology Institute as a research center; actively promoting and encouraging the establishment of research centers and laboratories, including the visualization, security, bioinformatics, diversity, eBusiness Technology, and computer gaming centers and institutes;securing the resources and providing the environment that increased the College research funding twenty fold from 2000 to 2009, and achieving national distinction for the College.
In service, I provided the leadership for establishing the College of Computing and Informatics, arguably the best performing research college on campus, as measured in annual research expenditures per faculty; provided the impetus, definition of intellectual domain, and leadership(along with Bill Chu) for establishing the Department of Software and Information Systems; provided the impetus, environment, and leadership (along with Larry Mays) for establishing the Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics; established the Complex Systems Institute, eBusinessTechnology Institute, Software Solutions Lab, Cognitive Science Academy, Medical Informatics atCarolina Medical Center (CMC), and Orthopedic Informatics Research at CMC; provided thel eadership for the strategic and operational development of the College of Computing and Informatics (as it is known now) from 2000 to 2008; participated in planning for the new Science and Technology building, a $34M facility; initiated the Five Venture program, a competition for the best business plan; helped the city (Charlotte Chamber of Commerce IT Council) and the state (Vision 2030, trade delegation to Europe, task forces on collaboratories, high-performance computing, and work-force improvement) define and execute their IT initiatives; participated in the deliberations of the Blue Ribbon Committee (set up by the Arts and Sciences Council, Foundation for the Carolinas, and Center City Partners) charged with planning the Greater Charlotte’s cultural environment for the next 25 years; and in November of 2012 received a commitment from thePolicy Studies Organization to publish the Journal on Policy and Complex Systems under my leadership. Most recently, I contributed to the establishment of the Data Science Initiative on campus, where I serve as its Founding Executive Director


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