Peng Yin, Ph.D.

Contact Information


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Mechanical Engineering
Texas A&M University
(2010 - 2015)

Master of Science (M.S.) - Mechanical Engineering
Texas A&M University
(2008 - 2010)

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
Shanghai Ocean University
(2004 - 2008)


My research interests are in the board area of thermal-fluid science and engineering with focuses on
• Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems
• Building energy calculation and modeling
• Occupancy detection and modeling
• Internet of things in building science application

Honors and Awards:

2017 ASHRAE Technical Paper Award

2017 ASHRAE Willis H. Carrier Award


Link to research

Lai, W., P. Yin, and Y. Liu. 2018. Investigation of Flow Characteristics from an Inclined Jet on a Heated Rotating Disk. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 127: 943-56

Sardoueinasab, Z., P. Yin, and D.L. O’Neal. 2018. Energy Modeling and Analysis of Inherent Air Leakage from Parallel Fan-Powered Terminal Units Using EMS in EnergyPlus. Energy and Buildings. 176: 109-19

Yin, P., D.L. O’Neal, and D. Lu, 2018. Annual Energy Performance Evaluation of Series and Parallel Fixed-Airflow Fan Powered Terminal Units. ASHRAE Transactions 124 (1): 148-158

Yin, P., D.L. O’Neal. 2018. Modelling Variable Airflow Parallel Fan-Powered Terminal Units in a Mass and Energy Balance Approach. ASHRAE Transactions 124 (1): 33-43.

Yin, P., M.B. Pate. 2016. Impact of Duct Flow Resistance on Residential Heating and Cooling Energy Use in Systems with PSC and ECM Blowers. Energy and Buildings 130: 625-36

Yin, P., M.B. Pate, J.F. Sweeney. 2016. Impact of Operating Pressure on Residential Bathroom Exhaust Fan Performance. Journal of Building Engineering 6: 163-172

Yin, P., M.B, Pate, J.F. Sweeney. 2016. Experimental Performance Evaluations and Empirical Model Developments of Residential Furnace Blowers with PSC and ECM Motors. Journal of Building Engineering 5: 239-248