Tony Grubesic, Ph.D.

Contact Information


Ph.D. - Geography Information Science
Ohio State University

M.A. - Geography and Planning
University of Akron

B.S. - Geography
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


Tony Grubesic is the College Professor of Policy Analytics in the College of Public Service & Community Solutions at Arizona State University.  Grubesic also serves as the director for the Center for Spatial Reasoning & Policy Analytics at ASU.

Grubesic maintains appointments in Public Affairs, Criminology & Criminal Justice, as well as Geography & Planning.

His work typically makes use of a range of methodological approaches, including geographic information systems, location modeling, remote sensing, spatial statistics, mathematical optimization, network analysis and machine learning.

For better or worse, he relies upon Google Scholar to provide the most up-to-date inventory of my published research.  You can find my personal page here:


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Grubesic, T.H. and T.C. Matisziw.  (2012).  World cities and airline networks.  International Handbook of Globallization and World Cities, 97.

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Grubesic, T.H. and A.T. Murray.  (2001).  Detecting Hot Spots Using Cluster Analysis and GIS.  Proceedings from the Fifth International Crime Mapping Research Conference (Vol. 26).