Advanced Machine Learning for Industrial Applications (AMaLIA-2) 8a.014.TAU

Project Start Date: Aug 1, 2019
Funding: Member Funded
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Project Summary

This Year 8 project, from our international academic partner, Tampere University (TAU), is set up differently from most CVDI projects. It contains six (6) work packages as described below:

  • WP1: Real-Time Data Collection, Anomaly Detection, Localization and Classification at the Edge
  • WP2: Real-Time Health Monitoring System – Energy Efficient and Privacy-Preserving
  • WP3: Advanced Machine Leading for Anomaly Detection
  • WP4: Self-Taught and Semi-Supervised Learning
  • WP5: Fully-Automated Myocardial Infarction Detection Using Echocardiography
  • WP9: Joint Communication and Control in Large Fleets of Autonomous Vehicles