Automating Operational Response Planning and Execution Based on Business Situational Awareness on Social (and Other) Media 16.04

Project Start Date: Jul 1, 2016
Funding: Member Funded
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Project Summary

(Business Situational Awareness refers to the use of Situational Awareness (SA) techniques in business settings. The  traditional SA framework can be described as containing three different facets, i.e. SA States, Systems and Processes. This dichotomy  assumes a rather fine grained model about the organizations or entities that share and use the SA and it is mostly concerned about the  SA within organizations. We take a data driven approach to Business SA based on the social (and other) media data. In our approach we have only three simple  concepts:

1) Entity of interest (EI), be it a brand, a company, etc.

2) Information about the EI that spreads in

3) a graph, e.g. social  media. In the above scenario SA equals to the awareness of graph state given the

EI and the dominant information about it. We will  build heavily on the results of the CVDI project Holistic Approach to Meme Evolution in Social Graphs, which will give us tools for  understanding and modeling information spread and evolution in social graphs. In this project we will concentrate on acting on the  information conditioned on the EI and automating the action planning by automatically harvesting and providing situation relevant  information, suggesting relevant actions on the underlying social graph and in simple cases automatically executing those actions.


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