EAGER: US IGNITE: Collaborative Exploration in Networked VR Environments, and Application to Remotely-Guided Classroom

Project Start Date: Oct 1, 2014
Funding: Externally Funded
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Project Summary

  1. This project shows how advanced networking technology can support real-time networked Virtual Reality (VR) for education. Live streaming 3D video within a shared VR environment enables a remote instructor to guide students learning about alternative energy technologies.
  2. VR experiences can improve student engagement and enhance student learning. Students can gain a sense of size, scale, and spatial relationships in an immersive first-person VR view more clearly than with conventional educational technologies.
  3. Techniques developed in this project will be deployed and tested at a STEM magnet academy in Lafayette, Louisiana, leveraging the Lafayette Utility Service fiber network to give students access to remotely-located university professors.
  4. Networking and VR techniques developed by this project can subsequently be extended to improve K-12 STEM education or enhance workforce training in various fields.


Principal Investigator(s)