The Data Voyager – Interactive Visualization of Multivariate Data with Joint Data & Dimension Reduction and Continuance of the Intelligent Dashboard Project 7a.002.SBU

Project Start Date: Aug 1, 2018
Research Areas: Analytics, Analytics - Machine Learning, Analytics - Probabilistic Modeling, Analytics - Visual Analytics, Data Management, Data Management - Big Data Platforms, Data Management - Dynamic Data, Data Management - Information Sharing, Visualization, Visualization - Human Computer Interfaces, Visualization - Visual Analytics
Funding: Member Funded
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Project Summary

Creating an effective dashboard is a challenge for both analysts and designers. It is difficult to pick the best set of base visualizations for the task and data. This can lead to unsatisfactory analytics results and insights especially when creating a dashboard for a large user base with different preferences. The proposed Intelligent Dashboard addresses this issue.

  • Automated knowledge discovery and dashboard building system, but allows users to drive the composition
  • Integrates data visualization knowledge with AI and ML
  • Finds interesting statistical patterns between attributes in the multivariate data and assigns an interestingness score to them
  • Associates attributes with 10 well studied data analysis tasks (e.g. find correlations or anomalies)
  • Generates visualizations based on tasks and ranks them based on interestingness score
  • Enforces consistency among the base visualization for good storytelling


Principal Investigator(s)