The Intelligent Dashboard with Blockchain-Enabled Collaboration Capabilities 8a.012.SBU

Project Start Date: Aug 1, 2019
Funding: Member Funded
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Project Summary

  • The proposed Intelligent Dashboard is an automated dashboard building system
  • Analyzes widely available text corpora to identify the most relevant analysis tasks in the data’s subject space
  • Learns generalizable visualization domain knowledge from these analyses to extend to other data subjects
  • Finds interesting statistical patterns between attributes in the multivariate data and assigns a score to them
  • Uses the above machine learning model to map the data attributes to the most appropriate data analysis tasks
  • Generates visualizations based on these tasks and ranks them based on the statistical score and the task score
  • Creates a dashboard composed of the top scoring visualizations
  • Enforces a consistent ensemble of visualizations for good storytelling
  • The application will also evolve our DataChain prototype
  • DataChain a data sharing mechanism that makes use of a blockchain technology for sharing changes and transforms applied to a dataset within a collaborative workspace
  • DataChain uses specially designed representations of data transforms to support the sharing process
  • Additionally, the representations can be used to store visualization parameters that may be used with the data


Principal Investigator(s)