Alex Langevin

Contact Information


Ph.D., Systems & Information Engineering
University of Virginia
(Expected Graduation: 2023)

M.S., Computational Mathematics
Duquesne University (2018)

M.Sc., Finance & Banking
University of Strathclyde (2011)

B.I.B., International Business
Carleton University (2010)


Alex Langevin is a graduate student in systems and information engineering at the University of Virginia. His primary fields of interest include statistical and machine learning, and related topics such as missing data handling. Alex received his B.S. in international business from Carleton University, an M.S. in banking and finance from the University of Strathclyde, and an M.S. in computational mathematics from Duquesne University. His interdisciplinary background continues to inform his interest in machine learning, and pursuit of novel applications in finance, healthcare and other domains where privacy-preservation is important.

Alex is Peter and Crisler Quick Jefferson Fellow.