Alex Langevin

Contact Information


Ph.D., Systems & Information Engineering
University of Virginia
(Expected Graduation: 2023)

M.S., Computational Mathematics
Duquesne University (2018)

M.Sc., Finance & Banking
University of Strathclyde (2011)

B.I.B., International Business
Carleton University (2010)


  • Alex is originally from Canada which is where he did his undergrad in business, later moving to the UK to complete a graduate degree in finance
  • After five years working for a bank in London, in trade finance and private equity, he opted to return to graduate school to pursue a more technical career
  • He recently graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh with a master’s degree in computational math, and moved to Virginia with his young family, where he is now a PhD student at UVA
  • His current research focuses on developing and tailoring machine learning models to multi-party settings where privacy is a primary concern