Nicholas Lipari

Contact Information


M.S. - Computer Science
University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2007)

M.S. - Applied Mathematics
Nicholls State University (2005)

B.S. - Computer Science
Nicholls State University (2004)


Nicholas Lipari is a research assistant on the project “Interactive Visual Exploration of Large Graphs with Enhanced Sampling and Summarization” under Drs. Christoph Borst and Mehmet Tozal. He holds the degrees B.S. Computer Science, M.S. Applied Mathematics, and M.S. Computer Science. The research conducted while at CVDI has consisted of handheld touch-based menus, multitouch graph interactions on large displays, and the integration of analytics computations and processes into interactive visualizations. He has conducted a user-study comparing the Handymenu touch interface on a smartphone to standard VR pointing techniques. Currently, he is developing a multitouch interface to navigate large graphs and coordinate interactions with an analytics server for graph sampling and summarization operations.

Nicholas has also studied various Human Factors topics in Virtual Reality and Visualization. The focus of his doctoral research has been vibrotactile feedback. Numerous vibrating elements (tactors) can be mounted on a handheld controller or within clothing, providing information such as direction or alerts. He has published the results of an experiment to model the loudness of two and four grid-aligned tactors, as compared to a single tactor. His dissertation will extend this model to account for arbitrary tactor arrangements and spacing, as well as relative tactor activation levels that determine the combined sensation’s perceived location