Taghreed Alghamdi

Contact Information


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Computer Engineering
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
(Current Student)

PhD Student - Computer Engineering
University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2016 - 2018)

Master of Computer Science (M.CS) - Computer Programming
Southern Methodist University (2015)

Bachelor's degree - Computer Science
Al-Baha University (2011)


Her research implores a focus on Big Data Analytics, Data Mining and computational tools, with a special interest in machine learning, and real-time analysis. More recently, her current research is in the Internet of Things (IoT) and in particular smart city services where by leveraging IoT it can provide reliable smart city services and enhancing the effectiveness of city services. The focuses of her research is identifying the best practices for managing big data within a community, while implementing a comprehensive plan for growth in a traffic region. Taghreed Alghamdi was one of the team member who received honorable mention in the annual SAS Analytics contest 2015 that Sponsored by SAS Institute. Also, she was appointed to lead the young Computer Science Department in the faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology campus at AL-Baha University. She involved in different roles such as Leadership and Management, Quality Assurance, Research, Teaching and Students. She also supervised the activities of the annual Scientific Conference at AL-Baha University.