The CVDI research site at TUT, founded in 2015 in collaboration with the US-based Center for Visual and Decision Informatics, has received additional funding for the development of the next generation of large-scale data-intensive analytics solutions.

Established in 2012, the Center for Visual and Decision Informatics (CVDI) is a National Science Foundation Industry University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) that collaborates with government, industry, and academia to develop the next-generation visual and decision support tools and techniques that enable decision-makers to significantly improve the way their organization’s information is organized and interpreted.

As it is entering its second phase, CVDI will conduct over 70 research projects and produce hundreds of publications over the next five years. To support CVDI’s work, the National Science Foundation (NSF) of the United States has granted the centre approximately $1,500,000 in funding.

In addition, CVDI’s Finnish research site at TUT has received €400,000 in Tekes funding in addition to €150,000 of industry funding. CVDI TUT Site is sponsored and steered by Tieto, Intel, M-Brain, and Nokia Networks in addition to 15 other industrial partners in the USA.

The TUT Site is directed by Professor Moncef Gabbouj, and the principal investigators include Professor and Director of HIIT Petri Myllymäki, Professor Serkan Kiranyaz, Dr Alexandros Iosifidis, Dr Iftikhar Ahmed, and Dr Jenni Raitoharju.

“CVDI’s TUT research site, founded in 2015, has offered Tampere University of Technology a unique opportunity to widen its well-known industry collaboration network into an international environment. The research centre’s projects have strengthened and diversified TUT researchers’ collaboration networks and brought new ideas and influences into the Finnish innovation environment,” says Gabbouj.

“New top-level achievements have been obtained by CVDI TUT-Site in several fields, including social media, object detection, face recognition, ECG classification and multimodal ranking.”

TUT’s CVDI research site is the only international CVDI Site and the only IUCRC Site in the Nordics. The University of Helsinki joined TUT as an Associated Academic partner since the creation of the Site.

Breakthroughs in networking

CVDI aims to be the international centre of top expertise in data science and engineering, large-scale data analytics, and visual analytics. Major technological breakthroughs nominated by CVDI members include an influenza forecasting model and a hotspot prediction technique.

CVDI was founded by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Drexel University in Philadelphia in 2012. Currently, CVDI includes Stony Brook University and the University of Virginia in addition to TUT.

The centre is supported by the United States’ National Science Foundation.

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