US ignite Press Release: Washington, D.C. – Today, US Ignite and the cities of Adelaide, Australia and Lafayette, Louisiana announced the successful completion of a demonstration connecting Adelaide, Australia to a virtual reality (VR) application in Lafayette, Louisiana. Community leaders from Lafayette and Adelaide convened in Adelaide last month to introduce and demo the application to other technologists and innovators. The advanced networked VR tool, “Kvasir-VR”, developed by a research team lead by Dr. Christoph Borst at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette (UL Lafayette), provides a new way for K-12 students to experience field trips, virtually. Kvasir-VR has been used to create a VR environment to teach students in Lafayette about alternative energy production by allowing live experts to guide students through a 3D scene of the university’s solar energy plant, without the students ever leaving the classroom. Following this successful demo, Dr. Borst and US Ignite hope to expand the availability of the application to additional schools throughout the country, including schools in Texas and Tennessee.

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